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RealCare Team - Julia G.

“Health is what makes life enjoyable.”

In her work with RealDose’s Customer Advisory Board, which offers customers the chance to share feedback about new products, Julia has learned the challenges associated with choice. Not just the purchasing choices that face consumers, but the diet and lifestyle choices as well.

“Living a natural life is a passion for me,” she explains. “But it’s tough in today’s world of genetically modified crops, sugar-laden foods and convenience meals.”

Even though making informed choices takes work, lots of work, Julia urges customers to relate each choice to their personal health. “Health is what makes life enjoyable,” she says. “And every choice we make for health is a choice for a better life.”

Essential tip for healthy living: “Health is about what you eat, drink, sleep, exercise, breathe and think. The most important of these is what you think!”